Detroit Become Human Tokyo Stories Manga 1

It’s been four years since Quantic Dream’s drizzly android drama Detroit: Become Human rose up on PS4 and later PC. But it seems the French developer isn’t done with the universe yet, as it’s overseeing an official manga adaptation named Tokyo Stories, which is being penned by Saruwatari Kazami and drawn by Moto Sumida.

Much like the game, this will be all about robots in servitude of humans, and will follow the story of Reina – an idol android. With the general public increasingly uncomfortable about the way in which machines are replacing them in the workforce, the manga will depict a revolution from the perspective of the automata, as they fight back against their masters.

“Detroit: Become Human is one of my favourite games I’ve ever played,” Sumida said, as spotted by Kotaku. “I’m glad to be involved this. This comic [will] be a story about how androids are in Japan while the story goes on in Detroit. I hope you enjoy this.”

On release, we were rather captivated by Detroit Become Human, describing it as an “an impressively replayable interactive story” in our review. However, time has been less kind to the title, as many have pointed out its awkward attempts at paralleling slavery in the United States. Nevertheless, the game was a pretty big seller in Japan, so this manga will likely find an audience when it launches on 22nd July.

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