Dreams PS4 Push Square to Dream

Here's a shocker: we love Dreams here at Push Square Towers. The potential of Media Molecule's make-anything-you-want creation suite was obvious from the early days, and it's proved its own value over and over again. It's fostered a dedicated, passionate community of creators that are making some genuinely excellent things, be they characters, songs, short films, or even full-on games. It's a pleasure to dip into the title every now and then to discover something new.

All that said, it was a lovely surprise to learn that Media Molecule has created a Push Square-themed collection within the game. Called Push Square to Dream, it's live in Dreams right now, and contains a curated selection of games, visual pieces, music, animations, and further collections to delve into. If you're looking to find all the best stuff Dreams has to offer, we'd say this is a fantastic place to start — and not just because our name's on it.

The studio's own Jen Simpkins reached out to let us know about this. With DreamsCom 22 just around the corner, Media Molecule's curation team has put this collection together to celebrate, and we're delighted. Getting a tip of the hat from the makers of PS4's secret best game? It's an honour.

Anyway, we wanted to share this as it really does contain a lot of quality stuff. We attempted to keep up with a collection ourselves called Push Square Picks, but this one is far more up-to-date.

Are you still enjoying Dreams? Will you be taking a look at Push Square to Dream? Let us know in the comments section below.