With the stunning Stray now rubbing its whiskers against PS5 consoles worldwide – be sure to check out our Stray guide for more – Sony’s slowly turning its attention to the next big indie in its console exclusive arsenal. That’s the gorgeous, cel-shaded Rollerdrome – a kind of white-knuckle blend of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and a third-person shooter.

Naturally, the release will tap into the PS5’s flagship features, and here’s a trailer depicting what you can expect. It’s the usual suite of stuff, to be honest: on the DualSense side you’ll be able to physically feel every explosion, while the adaptive triggers will make firing shots feel extra immersive. There’ll also be 3D audio, so expect to hear bullets whiz by as you approach each skirmish.

Sounds great, but it also straight-up looks great, doesn’t it? We’ll have a lot more on Roll7’s latest arcade offering in the not too distant future.

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