Thymesia PS5 Delay

Developer OverBorder Studio has delayed the release date for upcoming action RPG Thymesia, which was previously set to launch for PS5 on the 9th August. But don't get too upset — it's only been pushed back nine days to the 18th August, which will apparently be enough time for the team to add some finishing touches.

OverBorder Studio says that it'll be making adjustments based on player feedback from the game's recent Steam demo. "We are 100% committed to making Thymesia the best experience possible, and those few extra days allow us to do this by implementing changes and fixes that were asked for across all platforms," reads the developer's official statement. Fair enough!

Thymesia has looked really promising in all of the gameplay footage that we've seen up until now, but impressions of the aforementioned Steam demo were unfortunately quite mixed. Reportedly, some combat encounters can be janky to the point of frustration, and players had to contend with some annoying bugs. Hopefully the game's in a better condition when it releases in full.

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