Persona 3 Remake

Atlus has published the results for its annual player survey, and they make for a reasonably interesting read if you're a fan of the Persona series. We suppose that it doesn't come as huge surprise, but PS2 (and later PSP) classic Persona 3 tops the list when it comes to most wanted remakes. It is, after all, the game that put the franchise on the map for a lot of people — a seminal JRPG not just for Persona as a property, but for the genre as a whole.

Persona 3 wasn't the out-and-out winner, though. It's joined at the summit by the lesser-known Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and direct sequel Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. It's fair to say that both of these PS1 titles — which have certainly aged — could benefit from being remade.

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Persona 4 isn't that far behind in the rankings either. It's in fourth place, only just behind the original Revelations: Persona. Over 70 percent of fans who took part in the survey want remakes for all of these titles.

Would Atlus actually remake them, though? The Japanese company can be difficult to figure out at the best of times, but the fact that these survey results are so focused on the possibility of remakes does suggest that it's not an impossible scenario.

At this point it's worth reiterating that Atlus is re-releasing Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden for PS4, although as far as we know, they're just going to be straightforward ports.

Which Persona games would you like to see get the remake treatment? Feel free to say "all of them" in the comments section below.