Path of Titans is a survival MMO where you play as a dinosaur — how's that for a pitch? The game's been available on PC and mobile since 2020, and going by user reviews, it's apparently quite good. It's stomping to PS5 and PS4 on the 27th July, where it'll launch as a beta.

Here's a quick rundown from the title's official site: "Survive as a dinosaur in an ecosystem filled with AI creatures and up to 100 other players. Explore a giant, detailed environment and complete objectives on your own or with members of your pack. Find water, forage for edible plants, and hunt prey in order to avoid death. But that’s just the beginning. Partake in realistic, environment driven quests in order to gain points to put towards improving your character and unlocking skins or new dinosaurs."

Will you be giving Path of Titans a go? Try not to get eaten in the comments section below.