Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Gameplay

We haven't actually seen anything of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty since it was revealed back in June, but that action-packed, graphically gorgeous trailer definitely pulled people's attention. We did get some gameplay details shortly after the announcement — it's an action RPG built on the back of Nioh — but again, additional footage has been non-existent.

It sounds like we'll be getting a much better look at Wo Long relatively soon, though. Publisher Koei Tecmo has confirmed that a "gameplay trial" — read: playable demo — is arriving in the "near future". Keep in mind that Wo Long is currently scheduled to release in early 2023.

What's more, this probably means that we're getting some kind of full gameplay reveal over the coming weeks. Tokyo Game Show 2022 — which is happening in September — could be the place to learn more.

What are your thoughts on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty so far? Side with one of the Three Kingdoms in the comments section below.

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