Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has teased the next free Gran Turismo 7 update will be deployed for PS5, PS4 next week, with three new cars part of it. As is tradition at this point, Yamauchi has taken to Twitter to post black and white photos containing outlines of the motors, giving fans the chance to work out what's coming.

For this latest patch, hardcore racers believe Gran Turismo 7 will be getting the Nissan RS Turbo Skyline Super Silhouette 1982 — which hasn't been part of the series since Gran Turismo 2 — the Maseratti A6GCS Spyder, and the Porsche 918. Previous patches have also bundled in new tracks and Menus for the GT Café campaign, so there's a good chance there's more to this upcoming update than just the three new engines.

These free updates have generally dropped during the first few days of the week, so check back on Tuesday or Wednesday for the PS5, PS4 patch. Will you be taking these new cars for a spin? Earn your licenses in the comments below.