Thanks to the tireless efforts of the video game documentary channel, Noclip, today we got a look at some never-before-seen footage of the cancelled, and somewhat mysterious, DOOM 4.

DOOM 4 was a project developed by id Software that was officially announced in 2008 before disappearing, being reworked, and eventually re-revealed as DOOM (2016).

DOOM 4 is more reminiscent of a survival-horror type game and reminds us, in part, of the original Bioshock, which itself was released in 2007. It features a more methodical gameplay style, and the environment and atmosphere are designed to induce dread.

It's a far cry from the high-octane, ultra-violent, run-and-gun gameplay style of the DOOM title we got in 2016.

We also see an unfinished combat animation test showing a slower, more deliberate style of combat, with a greater focus on melee.

Everything we see is presented unedited and as-is, warts and all, and it's somewhat refreshing to see these textureless character models flailing at each other.

DOOM (2016) ended up being a fantastic game in its own right. Check out our review for our full thoughts on the matter.

Are you glad id Software ultimately changed course? Or do you wish things could have been different, and that the developers had continued down their original path? Reinvent yourself in the comments section below.

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