The Last of Us

Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann has poured cold water on rumours that popular characters from The Last of Us would be appearing in Fortnite as skins in the near future. Speculation began over the weekend after apparently prominent Fortnite leaker Shiina tweeted that skins of Joel and Ellie would be available in the Battle Royale title in September.

They then deleted the post once Druckmann quote tweeted them saying: "Love me some Fortnite… but there are no plans for this. False rumor." Popular PlayStation franchises like Horizon and God of War have been part of the online game in the past, but The Last of Us isn't joining the party.

With their tail between their legs, Shiina posted a TwitLonger explaining their side of the story. They supposedly heard from a dataminer that The Last of Us content could be coming to the game, and then shared this claim with a source that has had "perfect(!) accuracy" in the past. Apparently, there was so much information being passed around behind the scenes that it just had to be true!

Gaming "insiders", huh? "Once again, I deeply apologize to all those whom I have given false hope with this. It was not my intention, and in the future, I will not make this mistake, I promise," Shiina claims.