The full NBA 2K23 gameplay details will dribble into a Courtside Report next week, but here’s your first look at the PS5 version of the basketball sim – in cinematic format, of course. We can infer a few things from this: it looks like some players have brand new face scans, while there appears to be a new half-time show. The benches also seem more responsive to what’s occurring on the court, while the crowd animations look further enhanced.

Outside of that, it’s difficult to glean too much more from the 80-second clip. Personally, we’d like to see the overall pace of the series improved: we enjoyed NBA 2K22 at the time, but the repetitive cutscenes really begin to break the flow after a while – and when you pair that with the endless traversal in MyCareer, it feels like the game is often getting in its own way.