MultiVersus is currently live on PS5 and PS4 via its open beta test, and all progress made will carry over to the full version of the game. We got a new trailer today looking at the way the free-to-play title handles progression and rewards.

As you play matches and complete challenges, you will earn Gold, which allows you to unlock any character you like, and their associated Perks. Each character has a unique reward track, containing Perks and cosmetics specific to them. You can try out each character in the Lab to find out which is your favorite before committing any of your hard-earned Gold.

A premium currency called Gleamium can be purchased through the in-game store, and it can be used to unlock cosmetic items, but it cannot be used to upgrade characters or unlock Perks. There will also be no loot boxes of any kind added to the game.

There will also be a Battle Pass, which will give players access to several free content tiers and a premium version to unlock even more. This can include cosmetics, emotes, and Gold, amongst other things.

What do you think of MultiVersus' progression system? Are you currently playing the title? Knock us out of the arena in the comments section below.