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The MultiVersus open beta test gets underway on 26th July, but those with early access can start playing today, 19th July. Ahead of the beta going live, developer Player First Games has released a meaty patch for the brawler, and it makes some sweeping changes and additions worth noting.

Most importantly, this update adds Iron Giant as a playable fighter, called the "very first Colossal-sized character". Presumably this means other supersized brawlers will join in the future. Additionally, the Ancient Sky Arena map has been introduced, as has 1-4 player local play.

The below patch notes really get into the weeds with lots of interesting changes. A new wall fatigue effect means you can't abuse the slow wall slide anymore; the fire effect's chip damage will now reduce over time; and moves that use ammo now have two cooldowns — one for the ability and another for the ammo. Further to these kind of changes, Perks have had an overhaul too. Some characters have had their Signature Perks removed and replaced with new ones, and several general Perks have been renamed or otherwise altered.

Finally, there are lots of character tweaks. Buffs and nerfs have been applied to basically all characters, readjusting their balancing in many ways. Below are the full patch notes, but if you want to see all the character changes, check the link.

New Stuff!

  • Iron Giant has arrived! He is our very first Colossal-sized character!
  • Steven Universe: Ancient Sky Arena Map is now available to play!
  • 1 - 4 Player Local Play is now available!


  • Wall Fatigue
    • After spending 5 seconds wall sliding without touching the ground or starting to wall slide 6 times without touching the ground, you start to wall slide progressively faster.
    • After spending 10 seconds wall sliding without touching the ground or starting to wall slide 11 times without touching the ground, you suffer Wall Fatigue.
    • Wall Fatigue effects:
      • Wall sliding no longer resets your Air Specials and Air Evades.
      • You no longer get a Double Jump after Wall Jumping.
      • For every 0.5 seconds of wall sliding or every time you touch a wall, you lose Dodge Meter.
  • Fire debuff damage now decays over time.
  • Abilities that use ammo are now divided into two cooldowns: one cooldown to use the ability and one cooldown to refund ammo. Ability cooldown modifiers affect both cooldowns equally.
  • A Glossary of MultiVersus terms has been added to the main menu.
  • Added two new advanced tutorials covering Knockback Influence(KBI) and Elemental Interactions.
  • Dodge
    • Invincibility frames are removed when canceling a dodge into an attack unless the dodge successfully dodges an attack.
    • Dodge Jump movement increase slowed by 5%


Signature Perks

  • Arya - REMOVED - Wounded
  • Arya - NEW - Betrayal
    • Hitting an ally with Arya's dagger has a longer cooldown, but the ally is given an enraged buff. If Arya dashes to a dagger on an ally, she enrages herself.
  • Bugs Bunny - Lingering Love
    • Lingering Love projectile now has a cooldown.
      • Lingering Love was forcing opponents to permanently alter the way they played against Bugs Bunny and felt too oppressive.
  • Harley - Confetti Explosion
    • Now earnable through character mastery.
  • Superman - NEW - Break The Ice
    • Superman deals additional damage to fighters debuffed by Ice. The additional damage scales with stacks of Ice.
      • We want players to experiment with tying Frost Breath and Ice stacks into their gameplay!
  • Taz - REMOVED - Right Back At You
  • Taz - NEW - I Gotta Get In There!
    • Taz's allies can jump into his dogpile, giving it more damage, more knockback, longer duration, and armor.

General Perks

  • Many perks have been renamed.
  • NEW General Perk - Armor Crush
    • Your team's fully charged attacks break armor.
    • Break armor at 75% charge if your ally also selects this perk.
  • Static Electricity (formerly Electric Projectile)
    • Charge time reduced to 4 seconds.
    • No longer charges without grounded movement.
  • That's Flammable, Doc! (formerly Fire Projectile)
    • Ignite duration reduced to 1 second.
    • Stacked - Duration reduced to 2 seconds.
  • Ice to Beat You! (formerly Ice Projectile)
    • Debuff stacks reduced to 1.
    • Stacked - Debuff stacks reduced to 2.
  • Absorb 'n' Go (formerly Ability Refund On Take Projectile KB)
    • Unstacked - Ability cooldown refund reduced to 7%
  • Retaliation-Ready (formerly Projectile Gray Health)
    • Gray health duration reduced to 3 seconds.
    • Stacked - Gray health reduced to 4.

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