The Valiant is an upcoming squad-based strategy RPG set during the Crusades of the Middle Ages, we've seen some gameplay for the title before, and it looks promising. Today we got a new trailer introducing the loyal companions who will aid protagonist Theodric in battle.

Each will lead a squad of soldiers, with unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. There is Konrad, Theodric's loyal huntsman, Grimhild Eidottr, Norse Captain of the Raven Company Mercenaries, and Reinhard von Kempten, an ageing Teutonic knight and the Lord of Kempten.

There is also Gascoigne du Corban, a fiery young French knight eager to prove himself, and finally Theoderich von Akenberg himself, leader of the warband and former member of the Knights Templar.

What do you think of The Valiant? Does this look like an adventure worth undertaking? Prepare for war in the comments section below.