The meat of any single player sports game is its Franchise mode, and it’s an area where Madden NFL has long been lagging behind its competition. To its credit, though, EA Sports committed to improving the experience a few years back, and has been iterating on its offering ever seen. Madden NFL 22 saw some pretty nice improvements with the addition of scouting, weekly goals, and coordinators – and Madden NFL 23 looks to be taking things even further.

There’s so much packed into this eight minute reveal trailer that we’ve had to watch it twice, which perhaps gives you a general idea of how much the publisher’s packing in this year. But to summarise, arguably the biggest alteration comes with Free Agency. This year there’s the addition of Motivation logic, which means that players will no longer be wooed solely by money. Just like in real-life, they may choose to play with you because of your team’s location, prestige, or quarterback.

Furthermore, some players will come with additional tags which can help boost the development of your team. For example, if you have a young starting lineup of defensive backs, then recruiting a veteran to help mentor them will increase the rate at which they develop. All of this adds depth to the team-building aspect, which is what fans have been yearning for. The overall logic of the trade and draft system has been altered in order to account for these additions as well.

There are other improvements, like the way you’ll be able to discover generational talents during the draft, demanding more thoughtful decisions during recruitment. And the whole interface has been overhauled to give it more flavour and streamline some of the deeper menu aspects. So, it all sounds pretty great, then – obviously there is always more EA Sports can do here, but the improvements look neat and we’re looking forward to transforming the New York Giants into Super Bowl contenders at last.

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