If you’re not paying close attention to Sony’s YouTube channel, it’s well worth a look these days. The company – which can seem a bit stuffy and buttoned up at times – is really expanding its mix of content beyond just trailers, featuring regular esports tournaments and now even Let’s Plays. This – the first in what appears to be a new series – sees indie evangelist Shuhei Yoshida and BlueTwelve Studio’s Swann Martin-Raget flanked by real-life ‘Tuber Snaxan to play Stray.

The 30 minute video pairs gameplay with interview-like insight, and while it’s perhaps more targeted at those who haven’t sampled the meowsterpiece yet, it’s an interesting format for the platform holder to adopt. The video description points out that other videos in the series will follow, with a specific emphasis on indie games. Honestly, if it results in more exposure for lesser-known releases, then we reckon the format will be a winner.

Having said that, not everyone thinks Stray is a purrfect package.

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