Romero Games

John Romero has announced his team Romero Games is working on an FPS based on a new IP utilising Unreal Engine 5. It's for a "major" publisher, but that's all the information the studio has decided to share. Founded over six years ago, the team's biggest title to date is the strategy game Empire of Sin.

On the developer's official website, it's explained: "We can confirm that it’s new, that it’s a shooter and that we’re making it with a major publisher. Otherwise, it’s way too early to share any other information on it. We’re grateful for your interest, though." Due to the secrecy and advertised hiring efforts, we wouldn't expect to hear from this project for many years. This appears to be another "come work for us!" posting that has become a trend in the industry as of late.

Still, it appears Romero Games is looking forward to returning to the genre that "built our careers". Are you a fan of Romero Games off the back of Empire of Sin? Let us know in the comments below.