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This week’s God of War Ragnarok release date reveal may have ultimately been anticlimactic for some – it amounted to little more than a 30-second CG trailer and an unboxing – but that hasn’t stopped it from trending all over social media. The aforementioned videos have attracted over four millions views combined at the time of typing, and are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Meanwhile, on Instagram, the release date has earned over one million likes, while on Twitter it managed 155k likes. Even the Sony Santa Monica Twitter account broke a record, with almost 90k people liking its own post on the subject. All combined, this is an outrageous level of engagement for what will clearly be one of the biggest games of the year by a country mile.

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that this is merely the beginning of the game’s marketing cycle, with the platform holder promising we’ll see a lot more in the lead up to launch. Between this and The Last of Us: Part I, it’s shaping up to be a big end to the year for Sony and its first-party studios – we can’t wait!