No, you haven't gone mad, there never was a Goat Simulator 2. Coffee Stain Studios has skipped ahead to Goat Simulator 3 for its second foray into this silly series, and now we know when the madness will truly begin. Yes, we now have a PS5 release date — you'll be butting heads and causing chaos on 17th November 2022.

The follow-up introduces co-op to ensure the level of insanity never drops; we can imagine this will be hilarious fun with a buddy or two. It'll include a new open world sandbox to explore with NPCs to meet, mini-games to play, and a whole mess of props and scenarios that all feed into the fantasy of being a goat.

Pre-orders — or pre-udders, as the team puts it on the PS Blog — are currently live on PS5, so you can nab either the regular version or the 'Digital Downgrade' edition. Confusingly enough, the latter actually comes with more stuff, including "Full Tank armour, Goat Zero skin, Space helmet & suit, Masks of Don Pastrami, and the Digital Soundtrack".

At retail, a Goat in a Box edition will be available. As the name suggests, this comes with a goat plush toy, as well as some postcards, a poster, soundtrack, SteelBook case, and all the digital goodies.

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