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Sucker Punch’s samurai smash hit Ghost of Tsushima has surpassed 9.73 million copies sold in the two years since it launched, making it one of Sony’s strongest selling first-party releases. The impressive sales number – accurate as of 3rd July, 2022 – means that the title will almost certainly cross 10 million units when all is said and done. We imagine a PC port will bump the numbers significantly at some point in the near future, too.

In order to celebrate the game’s anniversary, the Seattle studio released a number of stats, confirming that 75.18 million foxes have been petted and almost one billion standoffs have been performed. Cumulatively, fans have spent 6,437 years on horseback, which is a staggeringly specific snippet. Sucker Punch, of course, is widely believed to be working on some kind of sequel – and with these kind of numbers, it’s no real surprise.