A teaser trailer for Genshin Impact has been released, which alludes to the climactic events to come in the ongoing storyline of the massively popular online action RPG.

In the teaser, we see members of the mysterious Fatui Harbingers, the ruling cabal of the Fatui, gathering to mourn fallen member La Signora.

The Fatui are one of the main antagonist factions of Genshin Impact, and La Signora was the first of the Harbingers to be seen in the game. The ramifications of her death will no doubt continue to be felt throughout the wider world of Teyvat.

What happens next is anyone's guess, but colour us intrigued. We don't have long to find out what's in store for The Traveler next, as Summer Fantasia goes live tomorrow, on 13 July.

Are you excited about Summer Fantasia? What do you make of this meeting of the Fatui Harbingers? Ponder the possibilities in the comments section below.

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