Who doesn't want to just float about in dreamy landscapes and look after some cute flying sheep? That's the natural question we're sure developers Richard Hogg and Hollow Ponds asked themselves before cracking on with Flock, a game that lets you do exactly that. This new title from Annapurna Interactive is coming to PS5 and PS4 in 2023.

It's a co-op adventure game in which you and a friend control shepherds, flying about on big colourful birds and finding animals to bring along for the ride. You'll lead your newfound herd through natural environments and explore their secrets in what looks like a super chilled out experience. It sort of reminds us of Flower, only with more livestock.

We're definitely curious to give this one a try. I Am Dead, the dev's previous game, was lovely but quite bittersweet — Flock looks to be a more easy-going title, whether playing solo or with a buddy. What do you think of this one? Soar into the comments section below.