If you're nostalgic for polygonal PS1 platformers, you're probably going to love Frogun, which just got a 2nd August 2022 release date on PS5 and PS4. The accompanying gameplay trailer basically tells you everything you need to know; it's got visually varied levels, some environmental puzzles, and imaginative enemy designs. It looks great!

But it's the art direction that really nails those PS1 vibes. Indeed, it's starting to feel like PS1-era graphics are becoming more and more popular amongst the indie developer scene, and we're all for it.

Here's a quick rundown via the PlayStation Store:

  • Explore colorful levels full of crispy pixelated ruins, freezing snow caps, and scorching lava swamps in a modern representation of the lowpoly aesthetic
  • From levers to buttons, lethal traps and adorable enemies, there's lots of things to use your Frogun on!
  • Race Renata's rival and fight big bosses
  • Find secret areas or shortcuts by mastering the grappling mechanics
  • Collect emblems by fulfilling level challenges
  • Visit the hatter to trade your coins for hats, bestiary entries, game art, and more
  • Unlockable 2-player duel arenas to challenge your friends!

Will you be keeping an eye on Frogun? Catch some flies in the comments section below.