Dark Passenger PS5 PlayStation

Dark Passenger is a brand new studio formed by former CD Projekt Red developers who worked on cinematics for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077. They are hiring for their first project, an online multiplayer game set in feudal Japan that will feature co-op, PVE and PVP.

The studio was founded by Jakub Ben, Magdalena Furman and Pawel Kuleta, and the project has been in pre-production for the last two years. Dark Passenger outline some of the gameplay concepts they are developing on their website, including an ambitious movement system that sounds intriguing:

"The proprietary locomotive system will allow players to perform amazing evolutions such as running on arrows fired by other players, dynamically climbing flat walls using shuko claws or using a yari spear as a pole to jump over obstacles."

Dark Passenger goes on to describe the varied weapons players will be able to employ, from katanas and wakizashi to kusarigama and kunai. The title will feature extensive customisation options, with players able to modify their weapons, equipment and skills and develop their own Dojo, a personal space to which they can invite their friends for training bouts.

It also sounds pretty cool but is likely quite a-ways off. The unnamed title lists PS5 as a platform, but no release window was given. Still, we will be keeping an eye on this project, and will update you when we hear more.

What do you think of Dark Passenger, and this mysterious online ninja game? Smoke bomb your way into the comments section below.

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