One of the best parts of Dreams, Media Molecule's magical create-'em-up, is its dedicated, positive community, so it's only right that the fans are celebrated each year. DreamsCom is the game's annual in-game event that acts like a digital exhibition, and it returns this year very soon, on 26th July.

From that date, you can fire up the game and dive into DreamsCom. In it, you'll explore hundreds of booths dedicated to player-made creations. This year, that will also include music stands for you to listen to user-made music as well as smaller booths for those that don't need a giant marquee. In addition to that will be interviews with the creators and live streams from Media Molecule on its Twitch channel, showing everything off.

Previous years have always provided a good time, so we're excited to give this a look when it arrives next week. Will you be checking out DreamsCom? Tell us in the comments section below.