People get a bee in their bonnet about rogue-likes, don't they? We suppose that's mostly down to the sheer number of them; every other indie game seems to be incorporating randomly generated elements. It's fine by us, because when they're done right, they're absolutely fantastic, and Cursed to Golf looks like it could be a good one.

This is primarily a 2D golf game, only you play the ghost of a recently deceased pro, and are, well, cursed to golf forever. An 18-hole course awaits, changing the layout of each stage every time you set off and incorporating random hazards, power-ups, and more. You can find helpful items and resources that'll boost the number of shots you have left, imbue the ball with various powers, and so on.

There are even boss fights to conquer, as well as leaderboards, and plenty of other challenges. It looks like a pretty robust little game, and we bet that core loop will be fiendishly addictive. There's more info on the PS Blog.

Cursed to Golf swings onto PS5 and PS4 on 18th August 2022, so it's just a few weeks away. Will you be taking to the green? Watch out for bogeys in the comments section below.