Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Square Enix has opened the floodgates for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, spilling loads of details on the upcoming remaster. But perhaps calling it a 'remaster' doesn't do the project justice. The publisher outwardly states that Reunion is "so much more than a simple HD remaster", and goes on to share new information on gameplay adjustments, system tweaks, and more.

Here's a quick rundown that we've put together, based on Square Enix's official website:

  • Completely refreshed visuals — all character models, backgrounds, and the user interface have been entirely remade
  • A newly arranged soundtrack
  • Additional voiced dialogue for scenes that didn't originally have voice acting — the whole story is now fully voiced
  • Vastly improved camera and character movements (the PSP only had one analog stick, remember!)
  • User interface has been optimised for modern consoles
  • "Various skip features" have been added to make for a more "convenient" experience
  • Battle system has "massively improved controls"
  • The DMW (slot wheels) is still a feature of combat

It definitely sounds like Square Enix has gone above and beyond with this one, which makes sense when you consider the recent revival of all things Final Fantasy VII, largely thanks to Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is due to release this winter. But will you be rejoining Zack on his quest to become a hero? Swing your oversized sword in the comments section below.