The Syberia series is point-and-click adventure royalty, and the colourful and romantic clockwork worlds of Benoît Sokal's devising are classics of the genre. The first and second entries are playable on PS3, the third on PS4, and a fourth game, Syberia: The World Before, is coming to PS5 in November, and to PS4 in 2023.

To celebrate, developer Microids has released a trailer, and a new blog series called Backstage, examining the series' legacy, and looking at its next instalment.

The Syberia series follows the journey of American lawyer Kate Walker, set in a steampunk world full of mystery, adventure, mammoths and curious clockwork automatons. Its gameplay is indicative of the era, with players solving puzzles by interacting with the environment and exploring in order to push the narrative forward.

Originally launching on PC to positive reviews, Syberia: The World Before is getting a special collectors edition on PS5.

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