Battle royal games can get a little stale after a while, and a fun way to spice things up is to introduce some flesh-eating Zombies into the mix. This is exactly the case in Call of Duty: Warzone's next limited-time event, Rebirth of the Dead.

In Rebirth of the Dead, 40 players drop onto the Rebirth Island map in ten teams of four, and players who die will respawn as Zombies. This will add some undead unpredictability into the mix, who are able to perform charged jumps to ambush the unwary.

Zombified players that acquire four syringes (by killing still-human operators or looting chests) will be able to reverse the curse and rejoin the fight in their original human form.

There is also an Infestation event that can occur when enough Zombies have been destroyed that causes every single spectator in the lobby to spawn at once. This will no doubt be a nightmare situation for any remaining players with a regular pulse.

Rebirth of the Dead begins today, introduced alongside the Warzone Reloaded mid-season update, and will run for an indeterminate period, possibly even until the beginning of Season 5 on 24th August.

Will you be checking out Rebirth of the Dead? Exist in torment for an eternity in the comments section below.