Bungie — which is now officially part of PlayStation Studios — has announced it'll be hosting a Destiny 2 showcase next month, on Saturday, 23rd August 2022, that will reveal what's next for the game. Presumably, this is where the developer will detail the upcoming DLC for next year named Lightfall. It is possible we'll also catch glimpses of upcoming seasons as well as the last expansion of this "Destiny saga", which is called The Final Shape.

The team has released a short teaser trailer for the event, which you can catch below:

Most recently, Bungie released The Witch Queen DLC to positive feedback, with our 8/10 PS5 review calling it "Destiny 2 at its very best and a pleasingly vital expansion to what remains a superb game". It's generally agreed upon that the title is in a very good place at the moment, so fans will be eager to see what the future holds.

Check back in just over a month and Bungie will be ready to reveal all. Will you be tuning in? Get the popcorn ready for late August in the comments below.

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