Bandai Namco, the major Japanese games publisher, has apparently fallen victim to a cyber attack. That's according to vx-underground, a group reporting and gathering information on malware and cybercrime (thanks, VGC).

Little is known about the alleged attack, but it's reported that the publisher has fallen victim to ransomware. This means Bandai Namco's data may have been encrypted or otherwise blocked, with the offending group threatening to release the information publicly unless its demands are met.

Currently, Bandai Namco has not officially acknowledged the attack, though if it's true we'd expect some sort of statement to be made soon.

This isn't the only cyber attack in recent memory. CD Projekt RED suffered a ransomware attack last year, with data loss apparently including source code for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Similarly, EA was targeted in 2021, with game and engine source code being stolen.

We'll update this article if we hear anything more.

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