The Apex Legends limited-time Gaiden event is live now, and we got an incredible anime-style trailer to celebrate. The event will run until 2nd August, and there are plenty of rewards to unlock in celebration of the medium.

The big ticket item here is the return of the Armed and Dangerous game mode, which limits weapons to just snipers and shotguns, and makes loot overall harder to come by. The World's Edge, Olympus and Storm Point maps will be in rotation throughout the event.

Gaiden Prize

Split across two weeks, there are two separate free challenge tier lists, and you can earn a new reward by completing challenges and earning the requisite number of points. In addition, certain premium cosmetics items will be discounted throughout the event, which you can view below.

Gaiden Event
Gaiden Event 2

What do you think of the Apex Legends Gaiden event? How awesome was that trailer? Hit us with your hottest anime recommendations in the comments section below.