Skate 4 PlayStation

The long-in-development Skate 4 (which the devs simply call skate. with the full stop being intentional) recently re-emerged, with developer Deep Circle showing off some "pre-pre-pre-alpha" gameplay in a trailer called Still Working On It.

In addition, the studio began accepting sign-ups for players interested in closed playtesting, to provide feedback to help with the development of the game.

It was a refreshing change of pace for a franchise as high profile as Skate to be so honest about the development process, and the fan response has been overwhelmingly positive. Alas, not everything has gone Deep Circle's way, as a build of the game from September 2021 has been leaked online.

EA has issued a statement in regards to the cracked playtest, which was never intended for external use. The publisher also reminds fans that downloading the unauthorized build is a breach of EA's Terms of Service, which can result in a blanket ban across all of their products.

Sign-ups for insider playtesting, and the publisher reminds fans that that program remains the best way to get a chance to play the game as it was intended.

What do you think of Skate 4, from what we have seen so far? Do you intend on signing up for the closed playtesting program? 360 flip your way into the comments section below.

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