Aliens: Fireteam Elite arrived nearly a year ago, and it's a fun if generally unremarkable co-op shooter. Since launch, developer Cold Iron Studios has been steadily supporting the game with post-launch updates, so it's probably a little better these days. The next update is a big one, as it brings cross-platform play, allowing you to squad up with players on other platforms.

Arriving on 26th July, the free update introduces crossplay across all modes, letting you get into games faster with a wider pool of people. However, that's not all we're getting. The update will also add four new weapons, a new game mode called Restock Turrets, and a revamped Prestige progression system.

This new system unlocks once you reach level 20. XP you earn from that point will go towards Prestige levels, of which there are 100. You're rewarded for ranking up your Prestige with fancy nameplates, and every 10 levels, you earn yet more cosmetics like outfits, decals, and other accessories.

You can see this all in the above trailer, which goes over the main points of the update. Are you still playing Aliens: Fireteam Elite? Reload in the comments section below.