Sony seems to be upping its efforts in the world of merchandising these days, whether it's an Astro Bot figurine or a LEGO Tallneck from Horizon Forbidden West. Sticking with the latter franchise, the next official product heading our way is the Horizon Zero Dawn Colouring Book, published by Titan Comics.

Horizon Zero Dawn Colouring Book Cover

This new creation features line drawings from the artists behind the Horizon comic book series, allowing you to colour in Aloy and her world however you see fit. Ever looked at one of those robot dinos and thought they're a bit on the grey side? Now's your chance to spice them up.

There's not an awful lot more to say — it's a colouring book, you know the drill — but this seems like an ideal gift for Horizon fans. The book is due for release next month, on 19th July, when it'll be available in bookstores and comic retailers at $14.99 / £12.99. You can pre-order it right now via the Titan Comics website.

Will you be filling Aloy's world with colour in the Horizon Zero Dawn Colouring Book? Sharpen those pencils in the comments section below.