Ubisoft is joining EA in choosing not to host an E3-style conference in the traditional month of June. Instead, the French company will have some sort of digital event "later this year", a spokesperson told Axios. During the pandemic, the publisher hosted online Ubisoft Forward livestreams, which shared glimpses at its upcoming titles. Any future events would presumably follow the same sort of setup as companies ditch the in-person presentations.

The move represents another casualty of the traditional E3 season as another firm opts to move its announcements out of June. E3 2022 has been cancelled in its entirety, leaving just a few companies choosing to still schedule its digital conferences around the usual timeframe. Sony is hosting a more low-key State of Play livestream later today, while Microsoft has its big conference set for 12th June 2022. Geoff Keighley will also host a Summer Game Fest event, but that's about it in terms of major events at the time of writing.

This doesn't mean Ubisoft doesn't have anything to show, however. A recent leak pointed towards the publisher having many unannounced games in the pipeline, with a rumoured showcase allegedly planning to share updates on almost 20 titles. That includes a new 2D Prince of Persia game and the rumoured smaller scale Assassin's Creed title. Leaker Tom Henderson wasn't sure when the event would take place, but Ubisoft confirming it'll do something later this year could suggest its plans for a big blowout are indeed real.

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