Devolver Digital sure knows how to pick 'em. It's just announced The Plucky Squire, a brand new game from developer All Possible Futures, and the enchanting debut trailer has really caught our attention. It's a bright, kid-friendly action adventure that starts off within the pages of a storybook, but will take main character Jot out into the three-dimensional real world.

It's hard to describe exactly — we'd urge you to watch the trailer. Basically, it's a hybrid; some of the game will see Jot merge into objects like books and mugs, in which he'll be a cartoonish, 2D character. These sections appear to have quite a bit of variety — we see a top-down adventure, a shoot-'em-up, and a fighting game style sequence. However, gameplay continues when the character pops out into reality, where he becomes a 3D adventurer, exploring what looks like a child's bedroom.

It looks impressively imaginative, and we can't wait to play this one for ourselves. Unfortunately, it won't be with us until sometime next year on PS5, but it's something to look forward to. What do you think of The Plucky Squire? Pop by and tell us in the comments section below.