Announced during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, the next major expansion for Fallout 76 is called Expeditions - The Pitt, which will see players travelling beyond the borders of Appalachia on an expedition to the ruined remains of Pittsburgh (a location which will be familiar to players of Fallout 3's second DLC, also called The Pitt).

In the meantime, though, Fallout 76 players will have plenty to keep them busy. Season 9 of the liveservice aspect of the game begins today, 14 June, and a breadth of new content will be introduced as part of the Test Your Metal update, which brings with it new quests, activities, season rewards, and more.

Are you playing Fallout 76? Are you looking forward to returning to The Pitt in September? Bathe us in your most nuclear takes in the comments section below.

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