We've been aware of The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo for a little while now, but today we finally have confirmation it's heading to PlayStation. This point and click adventure game, from publisher Gammera Nest and creator Nacho Rodríguez, looks super promising, with an amazing, hand-animated style and some surreal imagery.

The above teaser trailer doesn't give a whole lot away, with no gameplay to speak of. However, the game itself will feature these animated characters in a bizarre landscape, where Mr. Coo — the yellow guy — is searching for all his pieces to become whole again. Right at the end, it teases how he splits into three, which will no doubt be a help and a hindrance. As a point and click game, the main thrust of gameplay will be in solving puzzles and navigating through this unusual world.

There's no date attached, but given you can wishlist it on PS Store for both PS5 and PS4, it shouldn't be too far away. We're very intrigued, anyway, but what do you make of this one? Will you help find The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo? Pull yourself together in the comments section below.

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