When it comes to arcade racing games, the PS5 is in seriously short supply. Thank the car gods that The Crew 2 continues to get updated, then – with a 60 frames-per-second patch speeding to Sony’s new-gen console on 6th July. French developer Ivory Tower has remained committed to this title for four years now, and it’s still going strong. The new-gen performance patch will come with improved colour grading and weather to make the visuals more vibrant, as well as various handling improvements.

And that’s not all: a new campaign will roll out as part of Season 6: Episode 1, this time centred around Formula Drift champion Chris Forsberg. You can check out a small snippet in the trailer embedded above.

Ubisoft regularly does free-to-play weekends for this title, so while there’s no news of one of those just yet, we’re quietly confident it’ll roll one out in the coming weeks. Alternatively, the racer is one of All PS Plus Games if you’re subscribed to the PS Plus Extra tier, so you’ll be able to check it out as part of your membership at no extra charge. Elsewhere, for those of you who already own the game, you can pick up the Saleen SR7 for 1 Crew Credit right now.

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