Horror fans look set to have a great end to 2022, with Signalis, Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose, and The Callisto Protocol all rounding out the year in style. Yet another terrifying game to add to the list is The Chant, which sort of looks like budget Until Dawn mixed with one of those Netflix documentaries all about a cult. Inevitably, it's a cult going off the rails — otherwise, it wouldn't make for a very interesting video game.

The new story trailer embedded above sets the scene ahead of The Chant's PS5 release at the end of this year. There is not a PS4 version in development, FYI. As the debut game from developer Brass Token, the game looks interesting. You play a character called Jess, who's welcomed into the cult after initially being suspicious of its workings. As the footage reveals, though, everything goes pear-shaped when the sun goes down. Monsters are quickly introduced and we have to assume your objective at that point is to escape the island.

A press release says: "When a ritualistic chant on Glory Island goes wrong, a visiting group’s negative energy unleashes a dimension of cosmic terror called the Gloom. To survive the Gloom, you must uncover a cultish mystery spanning both past and present, as the other group members slowly go mad from a host of parasitic creatures." You can then choose to fight or run away from the monsters, utilising abilities and spiritual weapons to send them to the grave.

Again: The Chant will be out for PS5 towards the end of 2022. Are you going to get enrolled in this cult? Let us know in the comments below.

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