Aside from understandable comparisons to Dead Space, something fans of The Callisto Protocol are talking about is just how darn messed up it is. Set in a prison on a moon of Jupiter, the upcoming horror action title looks set to easily rival the grisliest of games on the market, and that's by design.

Speaking to IGN in the above interview, Glen Schofield explains that the game's overt levels of gore are the result of years of hard work. "We spent a couple years on what we call the gore system," he says. "Rendering engineers, a couple of artists — they just spent time tearing each enemy apart, and there were times where [it was] like, 'No, tear another hole in him!' So [...] you may never see the same torn-apart guy twice". Schofield adds that this dynamic gore helps each player have a "different horrific experience".

The interview goes on to talk about how main character Jacob is built in such a way that he can be torn apart just by normal enemies and attacks. There will be several canned death sequences, but it seems you'll be able to lose an arm or even his head in regular combat, if you're not careful.

Asked whether there is anything as nasty as the eye scene from Dead Space 2, Schofield says they don't have that scene exactly, but there will be "some really horrible things". Presumably, one of those horrible things is watching Jacob get munched up in some spinning machinery, as seen in the recent gameplay demo. Yeesh.

It sounds like The Callisto Protocol won't be for the squeamish, but by doubling down on the violence, it feels like Striking Distance is set to deliver a memorable horror experience. Are you excited to play this one on 2nd December? Clean yourself up in the comments section below.

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