Tetris Effect is one of the best ways to play the timeless puzzler, whether you immerse yourself in PSVR or keep it flat. Who knew the falling block game from Russia would synergise so wonderfully with explosive visuals and trance-inducing music? Well, Enhance Games did, we suppose. Anyway, if you're a big fan of the game like us, you'll be excited to learn that it'll soon transcend its digital trappings and spill into the real world with not one but two physical editions.

Produced by Limited Run Games, Tetris Effect is set to receive a pair of boxed versions — a standard edition featuring just the game on disc, and a collector's edition, which of course comes with a few fancy extras:

There are no images of the collector's edition as yet, so we'll have to go by what's described in that second tweet. A tetrimino box with postcards, pins, and the full soundtrack on CD? It sounds like a neat package to us — hopefully it's not too pricey. The standard version will be $39.99. Pre-orders for both editions will be going live on 17th June over on the Limited Run website, and they'll be open until 31st July.

In related news, Enhance Games' head honcho Tetsuya Mizuguchi has expressed interest in making a game for PSVR2, which makes sense given the success of Tetris Effect's PSVR version.

Will you be nabbing a physical copy of Tetris Effect? Clear some lines in the comments section below.

[source limitedrungames.com, via twitter.com]