Tekken 7 Sales 9 Million

Tekken 7 has surpassed 9 million sales, making it the highest selling title in Namco's long running series. PS1 classic Tekken 3 held the record previously, sitting at 8.36 million copies. Impressive!

Tekken 7 has had, by far, the longest running post-launch support of any Tekken game, which has obviously helped maintain sales since its console launch in 2017. It's also enjoyed a very healthy competitive scene since day one, which is a real boon when it comes to making a fighting game feel relevant over a period of years.

Hopefully, this level of success means that Bandai Namco gives the seemingly inevitable Tekken 8 a big budget. We still love Tekken 7, but it is starting to feel a bit dated. The aforementioned Tekken 8 is heavily rumoured to be in development.

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