Tactics Ogre Reborn

And just like that, Tactics Ogre: Reborn is definitely happening. The (presumably) remastered RPG was trademarked by Square Enix in April, and now it's starting to look like an official reveal is imminent. A game page has appeared on the PlayStation Store, although at the time of writing, there's not much to it. There's no date, no pricing β€” not even platforms.

All we have right now is some lovely background artwork:

Tactics Ogre Reborn Leak

For those unfamiliar, Tactics Ogre was originally a SNES title that was ported to the PS1 in 1997, and then it was remade for PSP over a decade later, in 2010. It's widely regarded as a landmark strategy RPG, and paved the way for the equally excellent Final Fantasy Tactics.

Anyway, if this thing's up on the store, we fully expect Square Enix to wheel out a press release very, very soon. We'll update this article when it happens.

[source store.playstation.com, via escapistmagazine.com]