Super Bomberman R Online PS4

Free-to-play game Super Bomberman R Online will have to drop the last word of its name as it's announced the title will be taken offline from 1st December 2022. Konami confirmed the news on its official website, where it's said the servers are being taken down "due to various circumstances". To reflect this decision, Bomber Coins and Premium Packs have already been pulled off sale.

Although, this isn't the end for the Bomberman series in general. The blog post concludes by claiming the franchise is still moving forward with new projects, which Konami hopes to inform us of in the near future. "Thank you for your continued support of the 'Bomberman' series," the publisher says.

Not to be confused with the standard Super Bomberman R, this free-to-play version supports up to 64 players online where you must outlive every other user in the game in a Battle Royale format. Have you taken the game for a spin recently? Pay your respects in the comments below.