Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut

Sucker Punch Productions knocked it out of the park with Ghost of Tsushima. The brand new IP really resonated with fans thanks to a gorgeous open world and some slick gameplay, selling in big numbers worldwide. A sequel is surely next on the cards for the Washington-based studio, and a batch of job listings hint at what's cooking.

It's fairly obvious, but it appears the team is staffing up for what sounds like Ghost of Tsushima 2. Many of the jobs mention open world, stealth, and combat, which basically sums up the studio's last title. Of course, it might be something different, but it seems unlikely that Sony would have Sucker Punch working on anything other than a sequel.

There are also listings asking for multiplayer designers. The excellent Ghost of Tsushima: Legends came a little after the main game's launch, and has been a big success in bringing multiplayer to the game. Maybe Tsushima 2 will have a more integrated multiplayer offering? That's just speculation, but it makes sense, right? You can take a look at the jobs through here.

What would you like to see from a Ghost of Tsushima sequel? Sneak in the tall grass in the comments section below.

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