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Street Fighter, and its various permutations, is one of the best esports around. Many of you will be familiar with the series’ high skill ceiling and complex combos. This will all remain for Street Fighter 6, of course – with some exciting new mechanics to boot – but Capcom also wants the sequel to be welcoming to total newcomers. It’s laying the groundwork with a compelling single player campaign this time around, but many may still feel deterred by the complicated button inputs.

That’s where the new Modern control system comes in. It’s important to reiterate that the traditional, six-button option remains present and correct – but the alternative introduces a new special move toggle, which can be used in unison with a direction to execute familiar attacks, like hadokens and shoryukens. The best point of reference here is, perhaps, Super Smash Bros!

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Now obviously, those with an understanding of spacing and aerial counters are still going to have an advantage – as they should. You’re still going to need to know when to perform certain moves if you’re planning to go pro. And, realistically, we expect this feature will be disabled for ranked and competitive matches. However, for those looking to have a good time in single player or locally, this kind of gameplay simplification could be the gateway that less experienced players need.

Capcom will need to adequately balance this new control scheme, as you can pretty much do combos by holding down the R2 trigger and mashing attack buttons. But for those who generally feel put off by the high learning curve required to play fighting games, it’s good to know there’s an alternative available. No one’s going to win the Capcom Pro Tour playing with this control scheme, but it’s important that everyone is able to find a setting they enjoy!

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