Street Fighter 6 PS5 PS4

Hot on the heels of its State of Play reveal, Street Fighter 6 will officially share a new character at Summer Game Fest this Thursday alongside more gameplay. Obviously, the roster recently leaked in pretty much its entirety, but this will be an official unveiling. There's a difference!

This means Street Fighter 6 joins the likes of Gotham Knights, The Callisto Protocol, Warframe, and Zenless Zone Zero at the show. Since you have probably already seen all the fighters included through the leak, which one do you hope this upcoming announcement focuses on? Check out our Summer Game Fest Live guide for more information on when you can tune in, and post your hopes in the comments below.

In other news, Rolling Stone has the exclusive on the fighter’s theme song. Entitled Not on the Sidelines, it’s a collaboration between Rocco808 and Randy Marx inspired by the “themes and retro vibe of the 1987 fighting game”. Some have criticised the release for turning to hip-hop, but producer Shuhei Matsumoto disagrees.

“Whether it’s the intro of Street Fighter, the characters quoted by famous rappers, or the art you see on the streets, we’re aware that Street Fighter is a perfect match for street and hip-hop culture,” he said. “And with Street Fighter 6, we pushed it to the forefront, and you can feel that flavour throughout the in-game sounds as well.”

Personally, we reckon the game’s vibe is impeccable so far.

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