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As rumoured last week, Sony has announced a new range of gaming-specific hardware, including two monitors and a trio of headsets. The line, named INZONE, is headlined by the M9: an $899.99 27-inch 4K IPS monitor with 144Hz refresh rate. The panel matches the white and blue aesthetic of the PS5, and is being marketed directly at new-gen console owners – as well as PC players, of course.

With a 1ms response time, the Japanese giant is aiming specifically at enthusiasts – and has even sponsored fighting game tournament EVO 2022, which it co-owns, of course. Specifically, the manufacturer is promising automatic HDR tone-mapping, and claims that when the screen is connected to a PS5, it’ll optimise the colours and output for the game you’re playing. In addition, the panel will also feature an auto-genre picture mode, which will toggle between low-latency gaming modes and cinema modes, depending on what you’re doing. The display will also sport support for All VRR Optimised Games.

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If all of this sounds a little too expensive for you, then Sony’s also offering a $529.99 alternative: the M3. This drops the HDR’s peak brightness from 600 nits to 400 nits and removes all of the aforementioned auto-dimming features, but bumps the refresh rate as high as 240Hz and VRR remains. The downside is that it tops out at 1080p, but you still get that uber-fast 1ms response time.

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Elsewhere, there’s a trio of headsets, again designed to match the aesthetic of the PS5. These are headlined by the wireless H9, which promises 32 hours of battery life and digital noise cancellation. At $299.99, they are pricey, but they come with some pretty in-depth features – like the fact that PC players can install a companion app allowing them to install a custom spatial audio profile. Much like the infamous Mark Cerny presentation for PS5, the setup process will include taking photographs of your ears, which the company claims can help improve the headset’s audio output.

If the flagship option is too expensive, then there are alternatives in the form of the $229.99 H7 and $99.99 H3, the latter of which is wired. They all look similar, but obviously the sound quality dips on the H3 (while the H7 removes digital noise cancelling but actually ups the battery life to 40 hours).

And yes, as alluded to earlier, the entire line will sponsor the upcoming fighting game tournament, EVO 2022. “To make this announcement as part of the global launch of INZONE is another example of the momentum that is building for Evo 2022. We’re delighted to debut new technology for our attendees to experience fighting games with. Partners like INZONE from Sony support our mission of crafting great experiences for our players and fans.”

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